September 27, 2018

Should you buy Nvidia RTX? — NO! Here's why...

Is Nvidia RTX worth it? 🤔

Should I buy Nvidia RTX GPU? 😕

What even IS Nvidia RTX? 😂

I'm sure questions like these about Nvidia RTX cards are coming in your and everyone's mind these days. But, worry not! I'm here to answer and clear hopefully most of your confusions about this new series of Graphic Cards that Nvidia has released.

Should you buy Nvidia RTX GPU?

Should you buy an Nvidia RTX card?

First of all, you gotta know what it is, what are some of the improvements it brings on the table, compared to its predecessors, Nvidia GTX series cards.

So, what IS the difference?

Well, as you probably know, that Nvidia did not share any numbers in their presentation when they were talking about this new series of GPUs called Nvidia RTX. Because these GPUs are designed keeping the FUTURE of Video Games in mind.

And remember, the word "future" is key here!

Because right now, no one really needs or wants the improvements these cards bring to the table. Just about anything that the older Nvidia GTX 1080 or 1080 Ti could do, these new RTX cards would do as well. Maybe a little bit better?

But, does that little bit of improvement in frame rates justifies you buying one of these new cards? Of course it doesn't!

Dave Lee also shared his thoughts about these new GPUs and how are they useful, or are they worth upgrading to? I'd strongly recommend checking his video out. I'm embedding it here in this post:

As you've watched in the video, these new cards are all about the Ray-tracing Technology that "game -makers" can use to create almost realistic looking visuals and graphics in the games.

Should I upgrade to Nvidia RTX, as a Gamer?

Nvidia RTX for Gamers

It's simple!

If you're someone who just likes to upgrade their hardware, even if the newly released one has BUGS in it that needs to be fixed before you can fully enjoy it, I'd say that's the only person who maybe should consider buying these GPUs.

Even then, I would not recommend you to SELL your old GTX card and then buy this one. Keep it! Once you've tried the new RTX GPU that you wanted to try so bad, I am sure you'd wanna go back to the GTX 1080 Ti or whatever the model you had before, because you aren't going to notice almost any upgrade in terms of frames per second.

Although, if you are someone who's just curious if these new cards are going to be any worthy upgrade? I am sure you've already found your answer by now and have already decided not to give a sh*t about this new release of GPUs.

Should a Video Editor upgrade to the RTX cards?

Nvidia RTX for Video Editing

Nope, still no, fortunately! 😅

Because these new RTX graphic cards were designed keeping the future of VIDEO GAMES in mind, I am not confident that they're going to be any useful for video editors and content creators. 

Video Editing does not require a GPU most of the times anyways. Because the only thing it needs is a beast of a CPU, and a decent enough GPU would do the job, whenever there are some effects that need some help from the Graphics Card inside of your computer.

There's one thing, though...

How about 3D animation and Visual Effects?

Nvidia RTX for 3D animation

I'm a little bit concerned about this one myself.

Because these new RTX GPUs are improving on the Ray-tracing Technology, which relates to 3D graphics, I am not sure, but I think these new GPUs will be helpful for Professional 3D and VFX artists who do this thing for some serious money.

I think you should just wait and see if there's a proven study, or results or something that show the benefits of using Nvidia RTX cards for 3D animation or visual effects. If those results end up convincing you to buy one, then yeah, you SHOULD get this card! 😉

But, if you're still thinking if this is going to be a worthy upgrade? I think you should just skip this update from Nvidia in their GPU lineup, to be honest. Because if it was beneficial for gaming, or video editing, they would've shown it in the official presentation then and there, without making their customers scratch their heads and confusing them.


Where to buy Nvidia RTX?
If you still want to buy it, check it out on Amazon. Whenever it is available, it will be up for sale there. Or, you can simply check in your local area's computer shop.
How Nvidia RTX works?
Here, check this article out from ExtremeTech. It's a really good resource In my opinion, they explain in detail how it works and everything...
Which Nvidia Architecture Powers the GTX 2070?
Look. First of all, it's RTX, not GTX. Secondly, here's the official statement from Nvidia themselves about its architecture.

NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ delivers the ultimate PC gaming experience. Powered by the new NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture and the revolutionary RTX platform, RTX graphics cards bring together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading. This is a whole new way to experience games. ~ Nvidia
What Nvidia RTX stands for?
It stands for Ray-tracing. But just in fancy style, like Ray-traxing and that X is also part of the tracing word. That's what I believe as of writing this post. I don't think we've had any official explanation of this name, yet.
Is Nvidia RTX worth it?
I've already covered this question thoroughly in this post, and Dave Lee also has his thoughts to share, which you can watch in the embedded video above, or just by heading over to his YouTube channel.

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