September 25, 2018

Best 17 Inch Gaming Laptop Under $1000

Enjoying games on a 17 Inches display, is in a league of its own! 😎

A few people asked me to write about the Best 17 Inch Gaming Laptop Under 1000 Dollars, and here I am, putting this article together, a few days afterwards.

Well, without wasting any time, let us get into it.

Best 17 Inch Gaming Laptop Under 1000 Dollars

Best 17 Inch Gaming Laptop Under 1000

So, that laptop we're reviewing today, is the Eluktronics N870HK1 Pro-X Gaming Laptop.

I have analyzed the laptop and have found some Pros and Cons that I'd like to share with you about it. Let's first talk about the Pros it has, and then we'll see what are some of the Cons, that could've been Pros if they tried.
Specifications Pros Cons
17.3" IPS Full HD (1920 x 1080) Matte Under our Budget Small Storage
Intel Core i7 7700HQ 2.8GHz to 3.8GHz Has an SSD Only Has 8GB of RAM
8GB DDR4MHz RAM Good Battery Life It's HEAVY!
128GB Flash Memory Solid State Positive Reviews -
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB - -
RGB Color Backlit Keyboard - -

1- 17.3 Inches of Display

Of course, it has a 17 Inch of Display with 60 Hz of Refresh Rate, which is the main reason why we're considering of potentially buying this laptop. 

It's a full HD 1080p 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS Panel with the ability to produce vibrant colors. It can also be used to edit videos on, as 17 inch displays tend to be more color accurate and more content creation friendly, than 15 inch displays.

2- Quad Core i7 Processor

It has a Quad Core i7 7700HQ 7th Gen 4 Core 8 Threads Processor, with 2.8GHz of Base Clock that boosts upto 3.8GHz, and 6MB L3 Cache. 

It can handle anything, any game you play on it.

But, if you want to purchase this laptop for video editing, I wouldn't recommend doing so. We have a separate category that you can visit and see some of the best video editing laptops we recommend.

For playing games, I don't see any issues with this processor, it is widely used on thousands of laptops and handles anything and everything until 2018 just fine.

3- Fast Storage

It has an SSD inside, another one of its Pros.

Although, it only has 128GB of storage capacity. If it was 256GB, that would've been a way better deal. But, the good thing is that you can upgrade it to 256GB of storage. Also, even if you upgrade the storage, you still end up being under $1,000 range. Sweet, right? 🍬

4- Dedicated NVIDIA GPU

Another one of its Pros is, that it has a Dedicated GPU inside. The GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB of GDDR5 memory. They could've probably gone with the GTX 1060 Graphics Card, instead, and still keep the price under 1000 dollars. Even if it was the 3GB variant of GTX 1060, I think it would have been a better value. 

But, what can we do, we have to make some sacrifices when we're looking for a budget laptop, especially that features something special, which is the 17.3 Inch of Display in our case.

5- It is Under $1,000

Another one of its main Pros is that it is under 1,000 dollars price tag, which is also one of the reasons we are after it, along with that it has an 17 inches of full HD 1080p display. But, I am thinking that some of you are going to upgrade it and perhaps add the GTX 1060 upgrade, which is something I'd strongly condemn!

Because, if you want to increase the budget that way, why make sacrifices that we are having to make by picking this specific laptop? You can just note down your final budget that you are willing to spend, and then all together look for a gaming laptop that offers the most latest specs in that price range.

Picking this laptop and adding upgrades on it is just not something that I think is a smart thing to do, unfortunately. Only go with this laptop if your budget is strictly under $1,000 and you can't spent a penny more than that.

Also, the price always keeps changing, so I'd recommend always visiting the link and checking out  what's the latest price, by yourself on that day. Who knows, you might end up buying it on a sale!

Anyways, visit here:

6- Positive Reviews

Another one of the Pros of this laptop is, that it has some great reviews on Amazon. I'm the top review of this laptop that has helped a lot of people and is from a verified buyer. 

I really love how he is switching from Acer Predator 17 and Alienware 15 R3 to this laptop, which is kind of a surprise for me, to be honest. I did not think that this laptop was that good, that it could replace those two. But, here is the review, you can read it for yourself.

7- RGB Backlit Keyboard

It also has an RGB Color Backlit Keyboard, according to them. But, I am just not sure if it is only blue, or changes colors and you can modify them or not, etc... But, it has a backlit keyboard for sure.

Best 17 Inch Gaming Laptop Under 1000 Dollars

8- Decent Battery Life

It has quite the battery size, I'd say. It has got a 6-Cell 62WHr battery inside. I've seen positive reviews about the battery life being decent and more than adequate, considering the powerful hardware it is packing inside.


Now, let's move on towards the Cons of this laptop. Some of the things that I think could have been improved, or better while still keeping the price under a thousand dollars.

1- Small Storage

As I've mentioned earlier, it has a small storage capacity SSD. Although, I this this is not really a Con, per se. Because you CAN upgrade the storage to 256GB and still the price would be under the range of 1,000 USD.

2- Only Has 8GB of RAM

Yeah, this is probably one of the more concerning ones for me, at least. Because I do multitasking on my laptop a lot, so RAM is one of the things that keeps me limited. This is why I always choose 16GB of RAM whenever I get a laptop.

Although, if YOU are not into multitasking at all, and just want this laptop for playing games... I don't think this will be an issue for you, then.

3- It's HEAVY! Almost 7 pounds!

It's heavy! 😓

Although you should already be aware that all the 17 inch gaming laptops are overweight, but still, a 7 pound laptop is kinda heavy i think.

I'd recommend keeping it on a table, and not on your lap. Don't move around a lot with the laptop, and you should be fine.

Top 4 Questions about this laptop

Question: What is the color coverage of the ips fhd panel of this laptop?
Answer by Seller: I believe it's a 72% NTSC. The panel we include with our full HD IPS is produced by LG and the part number is LP156WF6-SPB1 if you'd like to look in to all the attributes of the display. Thanks!
Question: Why have you guys changed the price of the 1tb- 1080p to 999.95$.because last I checked it was 899.95$ and four of my friends purschased it 899.95$.
Answer: Sorry, sale prices are always subject to change. The MSRP of the configuration in reference is $1,299.95. Eluktronics sells certain quantities at what's called a "loss leader". It was an extremely low introductory sale price in which we were losing money on each unit sold. Even at $999.95, this configuration isn't a profitable unit. The price will also unfortunately continue to rise due to the current flash market and costs of production.
Question: Hello, wich one is better ? The acer predator helios 300 or this one? Thank you!
Answer: We believe we're easily offering a superior product compared to the Acer Helios 300. Our PC includes a higher quality IPS panel and an RGB full color backlit keyboard rather than a single red color. Additionally, the N850HP6 has far more ports, can support more external displays, includes a full HD webcam and has an Intel 8265 wireless network card in comparison to the Helios providing older 7265 wireless technology. Thanks!
Question: How many Refresh rate the screen do?
Answer: 60Hz on both screen options. Also the '4K' is PenTile not-true-4K, and I would buy a different laptop for 4K. See the sidebar on
If you want 4K, I would get the Dell Inspiron 7567 4K model, as it is true 4K.
If you want FHD, Eluktronics is the way to go, because Eluktronics uses a fantastic FHD screen whereas Dell uses a horrible TN panel. Don't buy the Dell Inspiron 7567 (FHD models), and tell all your friends not to either.
Eluktronics for FHD, Dell for 4K. But not the Dell 7559, because it's not true 4K either. Only the 7567 is.

Well, that's it for this post.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to post them in the comments below. I'd love to help you out. Thanks! 😊

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